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Larry C, Brandywine

I had my first visit this afternoon with Dr. Yoo and after already being impressed by the website, the immediate friendly customer service when I arrived and while I was there was refreshing. Dr. Yoo was very helpful with advice, very thoughtful and thorough, and spoke in terms I could understand. I've never had a dentist take such pride in his patients as he does. He takes his time explaining what his plan is for your treatment. I'm so glad I chose him 8and this dental clinic as my new dental provider.

Jen L, Ellicott City

Dr. Yoo and his staff treat me with utmost professionalism! Very caring and courteous. Very informative, too. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Hokyoung J, Ellicott city

I have been his patient over 10 years, and Dr. Yoo is the most honest genuine hearted health care provider among the doctors that I have ever met. Selecting a dentist could be tricky when there are many dentists out there considering you as a customer, not a patient. Impression that I received from him, again over 10 years, was that he genuinely cares about his patient's actual need and provides appropriate dental cares based on his honest diagnosis. Also, the staffs here are very courteous and friendly. I recommended him to my family and friends, and they are absolutely happy with Dr. Yoo, as well. Thank you, Dr. Yoo.

Sean H, Ellicott City

I feel very blessed to have found a great dentist. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Yoo and his office to anyone looking for a dentist.

John M, Columbia

I have been seeing Dr. Yoo since 2005. He has always been courteous and professional with very friendly staff. There is little wait as they schedule appointments with ample time between. I left my previous dentist due to attempts to "over sell" services such as tooth whitening or other care products. Dr. Yoo has never pushed those kinds of services. He is gentle in his treatment, informative in his procedures and trustworthy in his recommendations. Now my whole family comes to Dr. Yoo where we have learned FBI "floss, brush, irrigate" should be part of a daily routine - we just need to do it.

Bryan T, Columbia

A great family dentist. Dr. Yoo and his staff are very personable, friendly and professional. They make each visit to the dentist very pleasurable. Treatment is done in a relaxed environment with the latest in dental technology. Dr. Yoo makes you aware of the treatment plan prior to any work being done. For your total dental treatment, Dr. Yoo and staff take very good care of you as the patient.

Joseph K. , Columbia

Three Reasons to Make Dr. Yoo Your Dentist You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your dentist. Yet, it's hard to decide because on the surface (and on websties), many dental practices seem the same. Below, I hope to convey why I will continue to trust Dr. Yoo for my dental care. First, you will notice the friendly demeanor of Dr. Yoo and his staff. You will feel welcome and experience a focus on service. Second, the office is immaculately maintained and how Dr. Yoo's practice seamlessly integrates modern equipment into your care. You'll recognize that Dr. Yoo seeks to improve and to provide you the most advanced care possible. Third, Dr. Yoo provides a thorough examination and strives to enter into a conversation with you regarding your oral care. He patiently answers questions and makes you feel like the most important patient of the day. Thanks for reading and sticking with me this far. I hope I've helped inform your decision as you search for a dentist.

Mindy, Clarksville

The office is clean and organized. The staff and Dr. Yoo are welcoming and professional. They provide personable and top-class care, not like a chain dental clinic. We highly recommend Dr. Yoo.

Glenda W, Columbia

I have been going to Dr. Yoo's office for 7+ years now. I know I can be a pretty difficult patient, I must admit, but I feel very comfortable and well taken care of at Grace Dental. Treatment is gentle. Everyone is very polite. Results have been very satisfactory to my needs. I doubt that my review will add much or do justice to the great care that his office tries to provide to all of his patients, but I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Yoo and his staff.

John L, Salisbury

This review is long overdue, but after I read some of the other reviews on line, I felt somewhat compelled to write my own. I have been a patient of Dr. Yoo for a number of years. I live in Salisbury (for those of you who may not know, it's over 2 hours drive from Dr. Yoo's office, each way). The office is very accommodating, and Dr. Yoo and his entire team are very down to earth. They are very reasonable and recommend only what is needed. Thank you for the great customer service.

Leslie A., Elkridge

I had a couple of implants placed by Dr. Yoo almost 10 years ago, and they still work great. He's been my family's and my regular dentist ever since. Very reliable, skilled, and trustworthy.

Charlotte C., Towson

What I like most about this office is that Dr. Yoo always gives me treatment plans before he starts any treatment on me. Never did I receive any treatment in the past without knowing beforehand the nature and the cost of treatment! I just like the fact that I always know what I'm signing up for. They also offered me payment plans. Most importantly, great results!

Brooks P., Easton

I have been seeing Dr. Yoo for several years now. Even though I have moved from Columbia to the Eastern Shore, I still maintain my relationship with Grace Dental Clinic. I have been traveling 70 miles one way to see Dr. Yoo as needed. No plans to change so far. Wonderful dentist and human being. All the staff is always friendly and professional.

Matt H, Columbia

Dr. Yoo is simply phenomenal! You couldn't want a better dentist. Methodical, careful, and thorough. I suppose the only negative thing you could say is that he may require some patience -- he works methodically and takes his time, not rushing through things. Personally, I think that's a good thing when we're talking about my teeth!

Bobby W., Laurel

Dr. Yoo is by far the best dentist that I have ever been to. Since my first visit, Dr. Yoo has been very thorough with explaining things and careful to let me know what options are available for my particular situation. He is even sensitive to one's age and incorporates that factor to help determine the best method or treatment option. Dr. Yoo not only is very skillful, but compassionate, patient, gentle, kind, makes you feel at ease, respectful, very sensitive and humble. He truly exhibits the fruits of the Spirit (GAL 5:22-23). My wife and I are so blessed to be able to have Dr. Yoo as our dentist. His staff is consistently sensitive, kind and professional. You will be hard pressed to find another dentist with the combination of skill and compassion; a godly man who serves as if he were serving the Lord Jesus Himself (COL 3:23-24).

Brian H., Columbia

I'm VERY HIGHLY IMPRESSED by Dr Yoo and his staff. Last year I had a root canal performed by Dr Yoo. He was extremely thorough in his description of the process, and what I should expect- before, during, and after the treatment. I was also very grateful to Dr Yoo in another respect- I have Invisalign retainers, and I was worried that as the crown on the root canal was applied, the new crown would not match my old tooth, and hence cost me big $$ to get new Invisalign retainers. Dr Yoo carefully and skillfully matched my new crown EXACTLY to the old tooth- and it fit perfectly in my Invisalign retainer. I was obviously thankful for the significant money he saved me, but I was impressed by the fact that he went (far) above and beyond what was required of him. Finally- for those of you for whom this would matter- Dr Yoo is not only a skilled, precise, caring dentist, he is also a Christian- active in his church and living out his faith in his day-to-day life. I would HIGHLY RE

Ellen , M

Dr. Yoo has been my dentist more than 5 years. He is the most caring, patient and understanding dentist who I ever met!! His intelligence and professionalism is outstanding. He always explains about the detailed treatment course and he never rushes my office visit. I really appreciate of his care !!

Hisup S., Bel Air

Like most of us, I really don't like going to a dentist. Once you sit on that chair, you know you are done. You lose your freedom and you are sort of strapped and under the mercy of your dentist and feel anxious. But, you know what? I tend to fall asleep! Yes, Dr. Yoo is that good, makes you comfortable and relax! Yes, he is the one you should go to. Also his office is meticulously clean with everything sparkling! I strongly recommend Dr. Yoo!

Sophia P, Bel Air

You will not find a better, caring dentist. I drive more than an hour just to see Dr. Chris!! He listens to all of your dental problems carefully, takes his time to address each one!!! I should know since in my age (56) after few root canals, cavities, chips,cracks, receding gums, I have been to yup, many dentists! Dr. Chris is a keeper for sure and you will not regret choosing him as your permanent dentist!!!

Joel , Pasadena

I can honestly say Dr. Yoo is one of the kindest most sincere gentlman I have met. He always treat me like a family. Thank you Dr. Yoo...

Davina H., Ellicott City

Everyone at Grace Dental is always pleasant and professional. I am fortunate to have found them.

Sung Y, Woodstock

thank you, grace dental, for always taking such great care of my entire family. greatly appreciate all your service!

Young K, Columbia

I've been a patient of Dr. Yoo for the past 11 years. Explains everything very thoroughly; polite; humble. Over the years, I've received root canals, crowns, and gum surgery, and I must say, I've been very satisfied with the results so far. Very kind staff, too! Thank you guys, and see you on my next recall appointment!

Evan Y, Williamstown

I have been seeing Dr. Yoo for my dental care since 2006 and his care has been outstanding ! He is very thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Yoo !!!